Generally in the construction and furnishing industry, and particularly in marine applications like on luxury yachting, the target is to strengthen, or to give some other valuable mechanical or physical characteristics (lightness, elasticity, and tenacity) to decorative stones, used as floor and wall coverings. This problem is actually well solved for flat slabs: FABYCOMB®.
CLOUDHONROCK® solves the problem also in case of curved slabs, completing and giving general use and application to this technology. A lightweight and strong solution also for difficult stones (because cracked or structurally weak, even if aesthetically beautiful stones: onyx, travertine, any type of colored marble) otherwise traditionally used for curved claddings only in solid thickness (such as 30, 40, 50 mm and above) in this way causing a significant increase in dead weight and all problems related to it.

Thickness: Honeycomb mm 20 + Black Zimbabwe granite mm 5

Pre-assembly test of cladding conic column CLOUDHONROCK® (luxury yacht furnishings)
Marble: Rosso Lepanto
Thickness: Honeycomb mm 20 + Rosso Lepanto marble mm 15
Height: cm 700
Area: sqm 30

The same cladding column, if made in solid Rosso Lepanto marble, it need a minimum thickness of mm 40, resulting weight increase of 240%.
See comparative table below:

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